Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sunraysia Radiology accept another radiology company’s referral?

Yes, we accept any radiology referral.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are not required for general x-rays, however, you will need to make an appointment for all other examinations such as ultrasound, CT, Bone Density and mammogram.

Do I need to bring previous films/scans for my appointment?

It is helpful, and often necessary, to bring any prior films to your appointment for the Radiologist to compare your current scan to any previous scans to detect any changes. This enables the Radiologist to provide the most accurate report for your doctor.

How long will my scan take?

The duration of your scan will vary depending on the type and complexity of the examination. Please check with our staff prior to your scan. You may also refer to “Our Services” information page for general details about your scan and duration times.

Is There Any Special Preparation Required Prior To My Examination?

Special preparation may be required depending on the type of examination. You may refer to “Our Services” information page for general details about your scan and any preparation required.

How soon will my doctor get the results of my scan?

Routine reports are generally forwarded to your referring doctor within one day. For any urgent scans, reports are sent out the same day. If necessary, our Radiologists will also telephone your doctor directly to discuss the results. Please advise our staff if you are seeing your doctor shortly after your scan so we can ensure that the films and the report are available for your doctor.

How much will my examination cost?

Patients are informed of the full cost of their examination and gap fees (if applicable) at the time of making the appointment. Your examination may or may not attract a Medicare rebate. Please consult our staff prior to your examination with any questions about the costs. Depending on the services, Pensioner and Health Care Card holders will have a reduced gap fee payment or will be bulk billed.

Sunraysia Radiology requires full payment of your account on the day of your appointment.

If your examination attracts a Medicare rebate, a portion of your full payment will then be rebated to you by Medicare.
Sunraysia Radiology has the Medicare Australia online claiming available. Your Medicare rebate can be paid directly into your bank account.