MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scan


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a scan that uses strong magnets and radio wave pulses to generate images from the body.

An MRI scan involves lying on the scanning table and depending on the body part being scanned, a separate coil/antenna is placed over the body part being scanned before you are moved into the open bore. Depending on the type of scan, an injection of MRI contrast may be required.

The MRI scanner can make loud knocking sounds (similar to a jackhammer) while the images are being developed. We offer earplugs and/or headphones to reduce the impact of the noise as well as a buzzer so that you can be in contact with the radiographer.


Generally, there is no preparation required for an MRI scan. Some MRI scans require fasting from food, however, if this is necessary, we will advise you prior to your scan. We will ask you to complete a safety questionnaire prior to your MRI scan. You will be asked to change into an examination gown and remove items such as eyeglasses, jewellery and any other metal objects to ensure that these items do not affect the quality of the scan. Prior to your MRI scan, please let us know if you experience claustrophobia (fear of small places).


An MRI scan may take between 15- 60 minutes depending on the procedure.